Kitty's Ride: Women in Dealerships

What Was Your Journey Like to Get to Where You Are?

Between my junior and senior year in college, I actually got voted in for my first job.

I got the job on the spot; I knew enough about the car business because my father was a dealer. That night, the owner of the dealership called and said that all the male salespeople would quit if they hired me. So, I talked him into letting him allow me to interview with all the salespeople, to see if maybe they'd change their mind. And they did, and I actually got voted in for my first job in the car business as a salesperson.

I worked my way up to sales manager after ten years. But in that process of those ten years, there was just so much discrimination against women, not only with me but also the employees and worst of all the customers. Back then in the early 80s, if you were a woman walking into a car dealership you couldn't even get waited on. So that's really why I decided to start my own business. Because I just couldn't tolerate how women were treated in the car business.

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