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Exceptional Care and Service For Your Corvette

Why we are the best place to handle your Corvette needs

  • We love America's Sports Car, just like you.
  • Our customers deserve a level of care that is unmatched.
  • We offer a vast variety of services to meet the needs of all Corvette owners.
  • We only offer high quality Corvettes, that are hand picked by our Corvette team.

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Why a Corvette Department at Van Bortel Chevrolet?

Kitty Van Bortel’s father Howard had owned one of the largest Corvette dealerships in the country. Now Kitty has teamed up with a highly respected and knowledgeable Corvette expert, Nate Chandler, to bring back the Corvette heritage to the Van Bortel family.

Rest assured, Van Bortel Chevrolet understands the concerns of Corvette and specialty car owners. When you have your Corvette or specialty car serviced at Van Bortel Chevrolet, you will be working one-on-one with our Corvette expert Nate Chandler. Nate has experience working with all model Corvettes and is well respected within the Rochester Corvette Club. He is a Corvette owner himself, and is eager to provide you with professional care and service. If you'd like to make a service appointment or talk Corvettes, please call Nate directly at 585-857-1033.